Food closet- Once a month maintenance, inventory and food ordering is needed. This volunteer role is perfect for someone who is good with numbers and understands google docs, spreadsheets and basic web navigation. Also, for anyone who likes to organize and is physically able to move/ arrange boxes. This role can be completed in 1 hour a month. Cart loading- Once a week volunteers are needed to come print updated lists of kids (provided by Locke Hill Elementary) who are signed up to receive a bag of food and then load carts with the needed number of bags for that week. This task can be accomplished in 1 hour/ week at any point between noon on Wednesdays and 9am on Fridays. This role is perfect for someone who prefers a behind the scene job. Assembly line preparation/ supervision- Volunteers are needed to help set up an assembly line of food items for the food bags to be packed each month. The bags will be packed by 3rd-5th graders during their Wednesday night activities. Adults are needed to help supervise the children while packing the bags both for safety of the children and quality control of the bags prepared. This volunteer role is once a month (typically the 1st Wednesday of each month) from 6:30pm- 8:30pm. Food bags delivery- Volunteers can sign up to join a delivery team for one Friday morning each month. Delivery teams walk a cart pre-loaded with the food bags from University UMC to Locke Hill Elementary School. Each bag on the cart is already labeled with a teacher's name and room number for delivery; a map is also provided to help navigate the school campus. Deliveries are made on Friday mornings before 11am and it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. A background check through Northside Independent School District is required.


Completion of the Safe Gatherings application, back ground check and safety training are required for all volunteer roles with the Kidpack program. No experience is needed and the job roles can be easily taught to anyone interested. Each volunteer role has some amount of physical activity required (i.e. lifting boxes, setting up tables, pushing carts).


Packing events are the first Wednesday of most months during Wednesday Night Kids. Deliveries are every Friday morning (schedule varies around school holidays).

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